Going the extra mile could be Susan’s slogan for life. A compassion for others and an enormous desire to help people underpins her whole ethos in her practice and life.


Susan’s patience, empathy and ability to understand the needs of those around her, makes her a highly intuitive and effective therapist and coach.

Her authenticity and integrity, which shine through in every aspect of her work and life, allow her to easily earn the trust of her clients and enable them to have faith in her commitment and ability to facilitate the changes they want and need to make in life.


Over the last 4 years, Susan has become one of the world’s leading Mickel Therapists, helping clients UK and Worldwide to recover completely from debilitating conditions like M.E., Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Anxiety.

Her absolute dedication to her clients and their recovery is evidenced by her 100% success rate with those who have completed a course of therapy with her.


Susan loves her work and says it is amazing to see the transformation that can take place in clients as both their physical and emotional health improve dramatically and beyond their expectations; turning what they had once only dreamed of into reality.


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