This complimentary Discovery Session is designed to give you:

  • Answers, explanations and information about the cause of symptoms and conditions from a perspective of a mind-body approach that gets results - time and time again.

  • Knowledge about how this approach has helped thousands of people, with chronic conditions, to take control of their health, become symptom-free and have a lot more energy. 

  • Knowledge about how a course of therapy with me works and the money back guarantee I offer.

  • Confidence that you can live the life you want without fear of symptoms.

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Read what others had to say after their Discovery Session with me:

“Before coming to the session I was feeling like I have to prioritise constantly and as such am only living half of the life that I feel everyone else is living. I am always restricted. I usually feel highly anxious coming in to new situations but I think your emails sent before the session (questionnaire and reminder) made it less anxiety provoking. I had no reservations. I felt it was just about getting information about a possible option. I found the session fascinating. Exciting potential. I was able to get all my questions answered and it gave me hope!” LH

“Before having the Discovery Session my I was struggling with a variety of symptoms ranging from fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, IBS and muscle aches and pains. This was impacting my work, social and home life. I researched Fibromyalgia and discovered the communication between my nervous system and my brain was faulty meaning I was stuck in flight or fight stress response mode. Everything I read and been told indicated I would have fibromyalgia for life, but I was convinced there must be a way of fixing this. If the stress response system can be turned on then it must be able to be switched off again. I tried daily meditation, reflexology, aromatherapy, healthy eating, avoiding stimulants like caffeine and alcohol and exercising when I wasn't too fatigued to do so but at best these only temporarily relieved the various symptoms. My GP said the next step was medication but I did not want to go down that road. I felt increasingly frustrated that the medical professionals could not seem to help me. I saw Susan's post on Facebook about Mickel Therapy and how it doesn't just alleviate symptoms temporarily but removes them permanently and that clients were completely recovering from Fibromyalgia.


I did have some reservations; I wondered if I would "connect" with the therapist.  How would I feel talking to a "stranger"?  What if this is a dead end and it was only giving me false hope? What if it’s really expensive and I can't afford it? But the introductory session was free, and as I read up more about the theory behind the approach I felt instinctively this was potentially the solution I had been looking for. Ultimately I realised I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.


During the session, Susan made me feel at ease. I felt she understood where I was coming from and she was able to explain the theory behind the therapy and how it works in practice. It felt like a light bulb moment coming on and I knew before the end of the session I was going to sign up. It felt like a lifeline had been thrown to me. I felt it was worth making an investment in me which I hope will pay off for the rest of my life. 

The best thing that I got from the session was hope, knowing I have the potential take back control of my life, and the partnership approach means that in Susan I have an informed ally to help me achieve this (sorry that's 3 things!).” IM

“My situation before my Discovery Session with Susan was tedious to say the least. I had no control over my health which kept letting me down and I was cancelling many things, especially socially, because I'd be overwhelmed by total exhaustion. Along with that I had IBS and some dietary changes helped but never for long which was confusing. I spoke to my physiotherapist and he mentioned Mickel Therapy. I trusted his opinion as he'd gone through the therapy. As a marathon runner who had suffered ME he was worth listening to.


I was quite open to the therapy as I'd looked it up on line and read the book and it all made sense. However, over the years I've tried lots of therapies in my quest to lead a 'normal' life so there was probably some reserve in my mind. I thought the offer of a Discovery Session was a generous offer and that made me feel more confident.


Susan was very calm and approachable. She explained things very simply and clearly to me with a lovely quiet authority which I found reassuring. It all made such good sense to me. I was so convinced that this was going to help me that I signed up for 10 sessions at once. I actually felt real hope that my life could improve.


The key thing I got was hope. It's really as simple as that. When Susan was explaining some key factors behind my symptoms my eyes filled with tears as I connected to what was the core of this therapy. It was as if Mickel Therapy had looked into my life and brain and got to the core of my issues. I also saw that I would have great support through the process.” BM



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