“I began to feel that I could finally start living the life I was meant to be living.”


Before starting Mickel Therapy I had been having symptoms for years. I was always tired and achy. Random foods would upset my stomach. I was struggling to make the most of my life as my anxiety level was pretty high.


I had been to the doctor so many times, had so many tests, been diagnosed with so many things but none of it had seemed to help. I had been to counsellors and therapists and had a course of CBT. This usually helped for a few days and then the anxiety would creep back.


A friend recommended Mickel Therapy and I decided that I had nothing to lose. After a couple of sessions I realised that my symptoms had reduced. After a couple more sessions my anxiety was reduced and I began to feel that I could finally start living the life I was meant to be living.

I am now doing a distance learning course that will lead to my dream job. I'm exercising more and getting out and about with friends I haven't seen for years. Even my relationship with my husband has improved as I find it easier to tell people what I need.

The main thing about my sessions with Susan is that it just all makes sense. Everything that she said was so sensible and straightforward but made me change the way I looked at things so that I could meet my own needs and change my life.

Thank you Susan.

Toni, Glasgow, March 2019

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