“The process was non-judgemental and sympathetic”

Prior to attending sessions I was struggling to find a way to best challenge how I was feeling and behaving. Struggling on my own to find the answers was not productive and became increasingly frustrating and distressing. 

I had reservations at the onset of the sessions, as I had never attended anything of this nature before. I was quickly reassured by Susan’s professional but friendly approach, and quickly fell into constructive dialogue using some easy to follow guidance as a framework for moving forward. 

As the sessions progressed I become more confident talking openly with Susan about things that I was experiencing. The process was non-judgemental and sympathetic, but at the same time focused on finding beneficial ways to challenge the symptoms.

The best thing about working with Susan has to have been her ability to gently support and encourage you to find your own path/direction that was relevant to improving your symptoms.


I.H., October 2018 

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