“I am now learning Italian, going to Pilates again, playing golf and volunteering”

Just a few words about the Mickel Therapy and how Susan Murray has helped me overcome my concerns about many health problems I’ve been experiencing over the last few years and these included, ME, Fibromyalgia and other auto-immune conditions.  I was a realist and honestly didn’t expect any particularly positive outcome from my first ever “therapy” of any type, but Mickel Therapy certainly opened up my mind to ways of improving every health ailment I’d been experiencing in a subtle but definite way.  So, Susan walked me through every aspect of the therapy and was incredibly patient with me.  She helped me to reduce my symptoms by a different approach to thinking about them which in turn helped my immune system calm down and unknowingly I had been fanning the flames of my own symptoms without realising I was doing so. 

Susan introduced me to ways of controlling overthinking of my problems and showed me how emotions can affect our health.  Also, I cannot thank her enough for explaining how to make the most of those interests and aspirations that I had not been acting on in recent years, so I am now learning Italian, going to Pilates again, playing golf (albeit poorly) and volunteering for a charity on a weekly basis.  In short, Susan has showed me a different path to walk on, one that doesn’t involve being obsessed with the illnesses I had been experiencing and as a result I am so very much better for her therapy.  I will be continuing to follow the Mickel system for maximum benefit.

If you have similar health problems and have tried everything to break out of them, please do try Mickel Therapy.  You won’t be disappointed and I can heartily recommend Susan as an excellent, patient and thoughtful therapist.


Diana, June 2018

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