“I am now back to swimming and my gym classes”

I was in a car accident nearly a year ago and had experienced high levels of anxiety and constant pain in my neck. I also suffered low mood to a point where I had brain fog. I tried so many therapies to cure myself without success. A friend told me about Mickel Therapy and to give it a try as her daughter had greatly benefited from it.

So I began my journey in November 2017 where I worked with Susan Murray who was great in helping me identify my emotions and she also patiently helped me achieve different goals towards getting myself better. She was never judgemental, so it was very easy to open up to her.

Mickel taught me the difference between my emotional and thinking brain and how I had to train myself to go with my gut feelings. I also learned not to overthink situations and how to put my own needs first, which was difficult at first as I’ve always looked after others. But with Susan’s help, I was able to care more for my own needs.

Overall, after now completing my Mickel Therapy, I feel so much happier and my pain has decreased by at least 80%. I will continue to use the Mickel Therapy tools, daily, and would recommend this therapy to others who are suffering anxiety, want to overcome it, and enjoy the things they used to.

I am now back to swimming and my gym classes which I was unable to do before.


Thanks, Susan, for helping me get better!

SK, June 2018

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