“I have NO symptoms after 9 sessions of therapy with Susan.”

My name is Angela, and I got diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia over a year ago but had symptoms for years previously. I had joined a few support groups for fibromyalgia etc for some answers and guidance as GP and NHS where only willing to medicate and I didn't agree with this or the advice on the groups. But I was getting worse by the week and just managing to keep my job but sleeping on days off, a poor quality of life. After researching I found Mickel Therapy and then found Susan, I messaged her but then left if for a while as there was a cost to the therapy and wasn't sure it would work, but it has and my quality of life of just surviving has greatly improved and Susan really helped me see things differently and approach things differently and I'm living a more balanced life again. I really can't stress enough how much the Mickel Therapy with Susan has helped me and hopefully if someone out there is reading this they go for the consultation with Susan as it is life changing and I can’t thank Susan enough. It’s hard but worth everything including the cost!


Thank you Susan.
Angela, Glasgow, March 2019

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